Blissful Friday: February 3, 2017


So I didn’t keep up the trend of doing a weekly recap. :p Since my last Blissful Friday, we’ve entered a new year! Maybe I’ll move to doing it the first Friday of every month, more as a recap of cool shit that happened in the previous months. Goals and all that awesomeness.

❤ I set myself the 2017 goal of reading 100 books, so that would be about 8 each month. This month I read 15! Here are 4 great ones that you should check out.

❤ Have you guys seen the new Missy Elliott video yet? So amazing!

❤ I haven’t done any jewelry making this year, I’ve been too busy with many other ventures. I am not going to renew any of my Etsy listings as they expire. I think I might do a Charm Bracelet Sale. I have some Harry Potter themed charms, and a few other themes so hopefully I will get that put together this spring.

❤ Finally for January I had blog posting goals, for this blog I didn’t hit my goal, but I did for my daughters blog.

We are in the middle of a fundraiser for my daughters terminal disease. We haven’t hit our minimums to print yet, and only a few more days to go. Check it out here!


Goals for February:

  1. Post 4 posts to each blog
  2. Read 15 Books
  3. Make something Jewelry wise

Have a great weekend!



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