How To: Altered Journal


What is Altered Journaling? To take a book, usually a hard back version and use art to create a journal within the pages.

I first discovered this on Crafter, from a post that was an Altered Journal along. They would do a weekly theme and everyone would decorate their pages and Friday would be a Show and Tell. For instance, a theme would be Red, and everyone would do a spread that represented red the them. It was great to see the different interpretations. Here is an example of my rainbow pages. This books theme is music, so each page is lyrics.


A Book – I usually go to thrift stores, or the dollar store and find a hard back book that looks great with the sleeve off. I also like the larger books, more room to create.

Paint – I like to use acrylic paint, watered down slightly. I tend to paint a few pages then create on them later. With the paint having to dry I find it easier to paint before bed, and let it dry overnight.

Scraps – I have a box that I keep for scraps, and clearance scrapbooking supplies. It’s a box I often have to keep in check because it can get out of hand since you never know what will spark creativity.

Here are a few photos of my stashes for my Altered Journal.

There are so many Altered Journals that are way better than mine, you can find many on pinterest. Here are a few great pages to check out:

Another great idea that you can add to your Journal is called Blackout Poetry. There is some great inspirational ideas on pinterest and google. Here is a few great ones from pinterest.

If you have an Altered Journal I’d love to see photos, or know what you like to use to create your pages.



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