Handmade Ornament Recipes


These recipes are great to do with kids, or to create and use as Gift tags / tie ons for the presents you give this season! You can write / press a message into them or personalize them to fit the receiver. ❤

For all of these you will need your Cookie Cutters, if you don’t own any I recommend just buying one or two Metal ones, as some of these recipes the Cookie Cutter will go in the oven as well.

*None of these recipes were created by me, follow all links and give love to the creators.*

❤ Cinnamon & Applesauce Ornaments – Pin It


❤ Melted Candy Ornaments – Pin It



  •  Recipe She gave the best instructions of any recipe I’ve read and even gave tips and tricks.

❤ Bird Seed Ornaments – Pin It


❤ Melted Bead Ornaments – Pin It


❤ Salt Dough Ornaments – Pin It



Let me know if you find any other recipes not listed here! We’d love to try them. These are so versatile, they don’t have to just be Christmas themed.



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