Sale Sale Sale! – Craft Junkie Style


As you might know, I am a huge fan of the group Craft Junkies Marketplace. If you love to shop handmade you have to join, it’s the best place to find everything you need and even some stuff you didn’t realize you need. You know the old shopping list saying:


I wanted to share some great sales that are going to be going on this week for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday! If you are having a sale feel free to comment and I will add you to the list! I will be having a sale this weekend in my Etsy store so stay tuned for that announcement in my Facebook group!

  1. Craft Junkies Marketplace does have it’s own sale going on during Small Business Saturday, here is the list of stores involved and the coupon code:


Nature Junkie
Naptime Craze Designs
Gracefully Jaded Designs
Blueberry Corner
The Sugar Mill
Ashley’s Amber
Chameleon Girls
Ovella Wool
Parker and Palmer
Cold Lipstick’s Garden
Gray Sun Gifts
The Payne Shack
The Rustic Lily
Art, Love, Whimsy
Sadies Sparkles
Aldison Designs
Buttons and Paintbrushes
Drowsy Aurora
Chrissy Vanlewgo Art
Nourishingly Natural
The Craft Penguin
Viv & Olive
Camelot’s Treasures
Hippy Chic Threads
Cara’s custom tutu’s
The Carousel Cowgirl
Wagamuffins LLC
Chesapeake Shoppe
CeeBee’s Creations
Just About Bows

2. Stores from the Craft Junkies Marketplace, having a sale!

3. Seize the Deal – Simply, browse our Shop Directory or the Hashtag #Seizethedeal on Instagram to find participating shops, and use the coupon code “SEIZED” at checkout to get exclusive deals.

Happy Shopping!



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