A Blissful Top 5 – Kitchen Gadgets


From my many Kitchen posts I’m sure we all know what my favorite room in the house is. I wanted to share my favorite Kitchen Gadgets, I think these are must haves for any Kitchen!

1.Silicone Spatula – When purchasing one of these make sure it is a full silicone spatula, like the one pictured here. Not the ones where the it’s a silicone top on a handle. I use this spatula almost every time I cook, it has been a life saver so many ways. Of course it does great at the normal things you’d use a spatula for like scrapping the bowl. It works so well my daughter is always disappointed at how clean the bowl is after the brownies go into the pan. But since it is silicone it is also great for stirring pots and other cooking needs. My spouse laughed at me when I insisted on purchasing it one day at our grocery store, but he has changed it tune now that he’s used it himself. He always told me he could never use those two piece spatulas but this one works like a dream.

71yjnedzkpl-_sl1340_2. Small Chopper – We’d been tossing around purchasing one of these for months. There was really only one reason we wanted it, Pico do Gallo. Finally we broke down and found a cheap one at our local grocery store. I’m so glad we did, I never realised how much I’d use it. Every time I chop onions I use thing chopper, saves so many tears.


3. Citrus Peeler – This is probably a weird one, but I absolutely hate peeling citrus fruit. My daughter eats so much of it throughout the week. This item is such a life saver, no orange peel under the nails and in my fingers! It is also great to help scrap off the white parts around the orange, which I swear my daughter is convinced is poison.


4. Apple Cutter – I think it is now obvious that we eat a lot of fruit in this house, but we do cut more than apples with this cutter. It makes it so quick, and it is easy to clean. I think having these items in the house has increased our fruit intake in itself because of how easy it makes them.


As I was looking for an Apple Cutter, I found this adorable thing. I would love this on my counter! So I had to share it with you guys. Multi Tool.


5. Reusable Coffee Filter – I had this reusable filter sitting in the back of my coffee cupboard for months but never used it since i always had the toss away filters. A day came that I had run out but hadn’t bought more so I had to use this reusable one. It worked great, and was easier to clean than I was expecting. I dump the grinds in our outdoor plants to help fertilize them, then rinse it in the sink.


What are your favorite Kitchen Gadgets? Let me know in the comments!


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