Review – Kiwi Crate


Company Name: Kiwi Crate – You get $10 and I get $10 Credit!

Product: Kiwi Crate & Koala Crate

Monthly Subscription Box

*I will update this post with pictures of future boxes we receive as well.

This company was intriguing to me because it promotes STEAM learning. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) The boxes are $19.95 per month unless you purchase multiple months upfront. They offer the following age groups:

Cricket Crate – Age 0 – 2

Koala Crate – Age 3 – 4

Kiwi Crate – Age 5 – 8

Doodle Crate – Age 9 – 16+

Tinker Crate – Age 9 – 16+

I love how they have an option for every learner, as it goes with your child. We signed up and received the Koala Crate, then had to cancel because of job loss, so the Kiwi Crate we received this month is the first since signing up again. I am going to wait until we receive the next month to review on value, as both of the boxes we’ve received thus far weren’t really valued at $20 we feel.

Kiwi Crate – 09/19/15

> While this crate was fun, it was nothing to write home about. Making play-doh is something that any home can do with stuff they already have in the cupboard.

Koala Crate – 10/06/16

> This crate was fun, my daughter loved being able to create and display these. It is slightly annoying that they wouldn’t form into a circle. I even reinforced them with packing tape and they still wouldn’t hold.



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