Etsy Treasury – Happy Mothers Day



Mothers Day is just around the corner, May 8th to be exact! Have you made plans for this special day yet? I know husbands often take a lot of heat on this holiday, but I am motivating you today! Treat yo self!

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If you’re a Mother, whether it’s a pet, child, grandchild, godchild, niece or nephew,  foster child or pet, whatever, go out and treat yo self. You have made a life better this year by being here, you deserve it!

This day means something different to each person, I know we often feel that people should “just know” how we want this day to go but many years it falls short of our expectation. This year I want to encourage you all to let your family and friends know what you want to do. If you want surprises, tell someone! If you want it low key, tell someone! If your significant other isn’t into doing big things for the day or any holiday, it’s ok! We were all raised on holidays differently, and open communication is the best way to make sure no one is left hurt on such a wonderful day. Obviously all my own perspective, we have to live each day the best we know how.

Here’s my May Etsy Treasury a week early, and my favorites from this list! ❤ All these items are from the Craft Junkies Marketplace members, if you love to by handmade join it!

Let me know in the comments how you like to celebrate Mothers Day, (if at all!) and Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there! ❤ ❤ ❤

Laura’s Crocheted Gifts
Miss Boss Bags Etsy Store
Lucky Sew Duck

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