April Playlist: Belt it out Ladies!


My love for music has been shadowed by life, once upon a time I was telling my college peers in my introductions speech during the first day of class that I wanted to open a record store when I graduated. Funny how life can shelve our college dreams, and welcome reality to the forefront.

I wanted to start adding monthly playlists to this blog, I will also link you to the YouTube Playlist. ❤

This month I’ve been stumbling onto some great leading ladies. They all have amazing vocals, and some great videos. Let me know in the comments which is your favorite!

  1. Florrie – Real Love
  2. Florrie – Too Young to Remember
  3. Foxes – Scar
  4. Foxes – If You Leave Me Now
  5. Halsey – Hurricane
  6. Halsey – Ghost
  7. Hayley Kiyoko – Girls Like Girls
  8. Hayley Kiyoko – This Side of Paradise
  9. Melanie Martinez – Alphabet Boy
  10. Melanie Martinez – Carousel (Official Video)
  11. Mary Lambert – Secrets (Official)
  12. Mary Lambert – She Keeps Me Warm
  13. Cady Groves – CRYING GAME
  14. Cady Groves – This Little Girl



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