Summer Fun! Ideas for Pre Schoolers!


This Summer is going to be exceptional great because we actually have a YARD! That’s right, my long silence has been due to us moving towns and this girls got a yard that is playable!

I’m super stoked, even if little miss isn’t that impressed just yet. There is going to be many bike rides, and smores roasts in her future.

I wanted to put together a list some great things I’ve got planned, and some tips and tricks for keeping your pre schooler entertained this summer.

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  • Sand / Water Table – I love these, they are super easy to make and can come in all shapes and sizes that also makes them great for Kitchen or balcony play if you live in an apartment. I didn’t want to use sand and the dry play item because honestly it’s messy. I decided to use these great Glass Gems I purchased at the Dollar Tree. You can also find them on Amazon and some bulk supply stores online but they are so perfect. Being able to wash them and easily clean them up is going to be great this year. Another fun idea in this item I will be trying this summer is the Water Beads. It will be a great hot summer day play item.


  • Garden – This idea is so wide it can work for anyone with our without a yard. From Fairy Gardens to Windowsill Flower beds, there are so many fun options for these. We are lucky enough to have a huge garden plus many fruit trees and herb gardens that she will get plenty of dirt time. I am going to let her create her own Fairy Garden this year, so it will be be at least a days worth of fun HA!
  • Scavenger Hunts – I have begun creating a few different scavenger hunts, I plan to keep them in the binder sleeves so she can use them with a dry erase marker and reuse them over and over. These are great when you need a 15 minutes to accomplish something. They can be around the house, the yard, or even their room. Really these are great for all ages, to aim them at younger kids you can use photos of items to find or shapes to find, and for older kids words, if they are learning you read use both! In a future blog I will post some of my favorites but I have pinned a few great ideas.
  • Arts & Crafts – My daughter love anything that she can express her creativity in, so I know this will be a big part of our summer fun. Painting is so much more fun outside, I love the idea of painting rocks as veggies for garden markers. Also using squirt guns with paint instead of water!
  • Family Summer Bucket List – I love the idea of creating a list of must do’s for each season. Many time we get so wrapped up in our busy lives it’s the end of a season and we realize we have yet been to the trail of lights, or taken a spin through a corn maze. Creating a list together as a family at the beginning of a season and hanging it on the fridge or family message board can help remind everyone to get out and have some fun!

Do you have any fun ideas for this Spring / Summer time?


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