Coffee Cups Galore!


To say our house is obsessed with coffee cups is probably an understatement. We own so many they have spilled into being pencil cups and drinking anything plus coffee out of them cups. To be exact we have 53, not counting any that might be in use as I post this.


I love how expressive coffee cups can be! Plus they are thermal so whether your drink is hot or cold it will keep it that way longer. After discovering the mass amount of people who make mugs on Etsy, my addiction had to be stopped. So I’m on a no mug buying ban! But that doesn’t stop me from showing off a few of my favorites, and I have to say a good mug is one that holds at least 24 oz of liquid. We also turned our Breakfast Nook in our kitchen into a coffee bar area, as coffee and tea are all anyone drinks aside from water in this house. I love having one convenient place to prepare it, without having to take up counter space. We used a Elfa desk and covered it so it wouldn’t receive water damage if there was a spill.


These are the mugs that are on my desk, they are pretty much my favorite so I would rather stare at them than drink out of them. My Great Grandma collected mugs, and when she passed away she asked that things that had been given to her be given back to the people that gifted them. So we were given back the mugs we had gifted.


The Doctor Who’s Disappearing Tardis Mug it changes when hot liquid is added, I received it in a secret santa exchange at work last year. The Pink mug has a chalk speech bubble, and the last is a mug Mr. Man and I found two of the same theme that represented each of us, and that one is mine.


The 3 mugs I drink out of the most are one I made myself, as a nod to my obsession with Gilmore Girls, a Doctor Who one that I received in a Craft Junkie Mug Swap, and this awesome cauldron I found at Target during Halloween.




So there you have it. I’m one mug obsessed girl. I also created an Etsy treasury of all the awesome mug creators I’ve found there. What is your favorite mug? Tell me in the comments!


❤ Brandie


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