Date Night Ideas


Life is so busy it’s easy to forget that even if you are in a successful relationship you need to stop and take time out just the two of you. I know, this is easier said than done especially if you have children in the home. But it will do wonders for your relationship, so try and schedule at least one date night every month. I’ve created a list, that I will be adding to over time of different ideas. Most of these are either free or very cheap because I certainly slack on date night due to poor factor.

A few different ideas to kick start you a date night future:

  1. Create a jar with popsicle sticks inside, where each stick has a different idea on it. Each date night take turns picking out a stick.
  2. At the beginning of each year plan out one date night for each month and set aside cash in a Date Night Envelope throughout the year so you always have funds for your nights. (Even if you just fill a change jar! Most banks will exchange it for free if you bank there).
  3. Create a list of all the restaurants in your area in a small notebook, (one or two per page) and mark them off as you check them out, you can each write a review too! Don’t forget to add your review to places like Yelp! help your fellow date nighters out lol

Alright, what you’ve all been waiting for! The Date Night List! Follow us on Pinterest for Pin-able images for each of these ideas!

  1. Star Gazing Backyard Picnic
    • Prepare yourself with a list of constellations to be on the lookout! Create your own constellations out of the stars, make a spiral with the drawings and dates so you can try and find them again next year on that date or season.
  2. People Gazing Walk and Dinner
    • Create life stories for people you see, or speculate where they are heading, end the night with a dinner out for more people watching or a dinner at home.
  3. Dinner & A Movie At Home
    • Make sure to take turns picking our the dishes and movies!
  4. Start a TV Series together
    • Pick out a series together or take turns, and watch an episode a night after the kids go down! This could also be turned into a vegging out weekend! Try and finish a series in a weekend away from the kids with lots of junk food!
  5. Local Free Activities
    • Follow local blogs and Facebook pages that specialize in announcing Free activities like concerts in the park,  museums/breweries/etc putting on Free events. Many museums have a first Saturday Free admission or something similar!
  6. Hike & Picnic
    • If you plan to do this one often find a bird or plant book and see what you can find on your hike!
  7. Fishing
    • If you plan to do this one often find a fish or bird or plant book and see what you can find on your trips! Mark them as you see them so you can keep track!
  8. Read a Book Together each Night
    • Start a book and read a chapter a night out loud to each other.
  9. Window Shopping Wishlist
    • Take a trip to a local Strip Mall/Mall/Shopping Complex and make a “If I had all the money in the world wishlist” or a start your Christmas Lists for each other as you look but don’t buy! Leave your wallets at home for this one!
  10. Board (Card) Game Night
    •  Pull out some classic board games, or take a trip to the store and buy a new one neither of you have played before, you never know you could find your new favorite! Same with card games, there are plenty of websites dedicated to card game instructions! Loser makes dinner!
  11. Karaoke Night (In House or Out on the Town)
    • YouTube has a few Karaoke channels so you no longer have to venture out to sing your heart out! But if you are feeling daring check out your local clubs and bars, figure out which night is their Karaoke Night and sign up!
  12. Brewery (Wine) Tours
    • Check out your local Brewery and Winery’s they most all do tours, and some have deals!
  13. At Home Beer & Wine Tasting
    • Take a trip to the store and find a few beers or wines you both haven’t tried before. Take them hope and set up your own taste testing! Keep a log of what you’ve tried and how you liked it for future reference!
  14. Lake or Beach Relaxation Time
    • Spend a quiet afternoon or evening relaxing lake/beach side.
  15. Bike Ride & Picnic
    •  Ride your bikes to a local park and watch the sunset while having a picnic.
  16. Play a 1 on 1 sport together (Frisbee, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc)
    • Get active! Go to your local park or backyard, and throw around a ball.
  17. Volunteer Together
    •  Find an organization you both feel passionate about, or trade off picking and donate your time!
  18. Farmers Market Trip
    •  Check out your local Farmers Markets, maybe buy some lunch while your there.
  19. Test Drive Vehicles
    •  Test drive your dream vehicles! Don’t think too pricey though most high end places won’t let you test drive.
  20. Take a Scenic Drive
    •  If you have some extra gas, take a drive through a scenic area, some towns have websites devoted to pointing out great areas to drive through. Maybe end up at the next town over for dinner.
  21. Coffee Shop with Poetry Night
    •  Find out if any of your local Coffee Shops host a Poetry Night.
  22. Yard Sale Hunting
    •  Check out some yard sales one Saturday morning, spend your morning checking out other peoples trash. You might find your treasure! Or make up stories to go with items you find!
  23. Cloud Watching & Picnic
    •  Plan a picnic under the clouds, what can your imagination find in the fluffs of white.
  24. Kite Flying
    •  Take a trip to your local park to fly a kite on a windy day.
  25. Take a Local Free Class together (Pottery, Cooking, Etc)
    •  Check out what your town has to offer for free classes, local community colleges and businesses like Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Home Depot put on free classes through out the month.
  26. Water Balloon Fight
    •  Leave a bucket of balloons or a water gun at the front door with a note “I’m hiding and armed”
  27. Bake your Favorite Desserts Together
    •  Bake your favorite desserts together and curl up for a night of sweets and a good movie.
  28. Create a Scavenger Hunt around Town
    •  One person (trade off!) creates a scavenger hunt for the couple to complete throughout the course of the night. If you are going to go to out talk to the places you want to end up, a lot of them LOVE to help you out by bringing the next clue to your table etc.
  29. Paint Canvas at Home (While listening to Music or a Movie)
    •  Create some new personal artwork for an area in your house. You could pick a theme (trees, rainbow, reds, etc) or just whatever you want. Set it up in front of a good movie or some great music.
  30. Go to a High School Sporting Event
    • Even if you don’t have kids the excitement that goes on at a local stadium can be contagious. Go cheer on the home team!

Couples Night Out

  1. Couples Charades
  2. Couples Potluck Dinner


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