30 Years old, 30 Years wise Part 1


I’ve been dreading my 30th birthday since I turned 29 and everyone started making those jokes “oh next years going to be the big one huh?!?” social commentary is the quickest way to make a person rethink things they haven’t put any thought into previously lol

I’ve spent the past few weeks going over what I’d like to do to celebrate this milestone in my life. After giving thought to potential parties or group functions, I knew I needed something more profound. I mean you only turn 30 once, so to celebrate this moment in my life I want to create a ripple of change for the better. Not just with me personally but also with other people. I have habits and things about me that I want to change, as everyone does and this is the moment to change them. Procrastinating is only wasting time, which we only get so much of as it is.

I’m going to be creating “30” themed lists, feel free to complete them with me, or us them as inspiration to create your own lists to help you become a better you!

I’m going to have a journal for this journey, if you’d like to get a spiral to join in we can compare notes and share as we go!

Join my facebook group to discuss this journey, or follow it on pinterest.

30 Acts of Kindness
1. Pay for the person behind you in line.
2. Compliment a stranger.
3. Bring Sweets to work to share.
4. Sign up to be an organ donor.
5. Donate to a different charity/cause each month, even a $1 makes a difference.
6. Offer free baby sitting.
7. Give away something instead of selling it.
8. Purchase something new, and donate it unused.
9. Tip the cost of your purchase.
10. Mind your manners.
11. Pick up litter.
12. Fill a jar with names, draw one each month and do something for them.
13. Leave $1 bills in the dollar bin at Target.
14. Leave $5 Starbucks cards in random places.
15. Leave notes of encouragement on peoples windshields.
16. Make eye contact/smile/say hello to strangers.
17. Create and hand out homeless supplies bags.
18. Leave quarters in a vending machine.
19. Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life.
20. Leave sticky notes on mirrors in public bathrooms with quotes.
21. Explain paying it forward to a young person.
22. Send a care package to someone in need. (new parent, student, military, surgery, death, depression)
23. Speak to a cashier about their day / light conversation / make them laugh
24. Leave quarters in toy machines.
25. You  / your children write / color a letter to grandparents or other family members.
26. Do something nice for someone in your immediate family.
27. Purchase lotto tickets for strangers (or tape to bathroom stalls)
28. Leave a positive review / comment card for an business / server
29. Create a giving plate, and start it’s journey.
30. Hand out necklaces with words of support on them, to be passed along as needed.

Let me know about the acts of kindness you preform or have had done to you! Reading others stories always insights more kindness!


I’ll be printing out these and placing them as needed, let’s track our reach together!


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