Father’s Day, yup we’re late!


June was a busy and relentless month! So glad we’re in July!

I ordered the Mr.s gift way early so he had to start using and ogling it as soon as it came in the mail! It was just like a little kid on Christmas! We couldn’t keep it a secret as I wanted him to be involved in the customizing of it.

We got him a journal cover from Joe V Leather on Etsy after searching through a ton of journal cover listings! I had to message them to discuss what we wanted on the front as it wasn’t listed specifically, they were so prompt at getting back to me! Great customer service! The quality is beyond any expectations we had.

But of course on fathers day we had to get home something else! So Little Miss Khaos and I painted this coffee mug for his pens on his desk. We bought the mug from Michaels. It came with paints and I used a sharpie paint pen to do the black. We baked it as directed and it came out perfect! Note: many pinterest ideas will tell you that any sharpie will do but this isn’t true. I’ve tried so many times with many different instructions and it never seals. It has to be oil based to seal!

How was your fathers day? Let me know in the comments!


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