Becoming Eco-Friendly! Part 1


Happy Late Earth Day!

We practice being eco friendly on a daily basis in our house, but I love to use Earth Day as a yearly reminder that we want to leave this earth better off than when we got here so many generations to come can enjoy it! I’ve been doing some handmade shopping and I’ve found some products that are an awesome way to start anyone on a path to a greener life, or help them continue to be as green as possible! I’m going to break it up though to keep it short and manageable.

Let’s start in the kitchen!

1. Unsponges – These are beyond helpful in the fight against waste and GERMS! They are so easy to use and reuse after a quick run through your washer! We are very mindful of standing water anywhere and that includes toys and household items that absorb water, because our daughter has Cystic Fibrosis. Bacteria that isn’t harmful to most, but deadly to her grows in these types of places so switching to unsponges was a no brainer for us! Here are some great shops that sell handmade unsponges!

Tori Lynne’s Shop – Storenvy

2. Unpaper Towels – Is your house a paper towel household? Have you ever calculated what you spend in paper towels in a year? If you are, you probably don’t want to! This is such an easy switch out! Sure it makes a little more laundry but they are so much more absorbent compared to paper towels, and they can be made to match any kitchen! (Come on even you you know it tickles you when everything in your kitchen coordinates! . . . ok i could be the only crazy . . . ) I love that you can snap them together, super easy to put on your current paper towel holder!

Crafted With Some CrazyStorenvy

3. Homemade Cleaning Products – I have been slowly switching all of our cleaning products out for homemade all natural ones, they are safer for the environment and easier on my pocket book! I know the thought of making these things can seem daunting but it was so easy, and after trial and error i have been able to create products I love using for maybe an 1/8 of the price or less! The laundry soap recipe I use can be found here.

4. Switching over to Glass – I imagine this seems like a weird eco friendly list item but I assure you it’s not. Plastic is horrible for the environment. Each year we add so much plastic, to the piles of not ever going to decompose plastic already out there that it makes me sick to think about. But something every family can do is switch to glass! Glass is RECYCLABLE! YAY! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

a. Food Storage Containers – (not homemade but good investment!) Glass Lock is one of my favorite brands! They are so durable and stack inside each other for easy storage! I’ve dropped mine many times, and they have yet to shatter or even chip. Best investment ever! Plus you can put them in the dishwasher, oven, fridge, freezer and microwave!

b. Drinkware – Ditch the drive thru toss away cup and go reusable! Most coffee places will fill your reusable mug! You can also switch out all those plastic drinking glasses in your house, invest in a glass set! It is amazing how many people routinely purchase bulk bottled water, did you know you can take reusable containers to filtered water hubs (usually outside of grocery stores) and refill them for most times 25 cents a gallon! By ditch I don’t mean the trash either, anything that you are getting rid of, help find it a new home! The Salvation Army is where I take all of my unwanted stuff that didn’t leave the yard sale.

Jars of GoldEtsy

5. Reusable Grocery Bags / Produce Bags – Here in Austin we are under a bag ban, which I LOVE because seriously, why create so much waste just to carry your stuff to the car/house? So we have a ton of reusable bags, and every store sells them! My favorite ones are the ones that fold up in my purse because I always end up leaving my bags in the car, or if I take a spontaneous trip to Target I have a bag with me for impulse buys.

Mandy Made for You – Etsy

ItzaBag – Etsy (produce bags)

6. Washable Swiffer Covers – Anyone with hard wood or tile floors has probably pondered the idea, or currently uses a Swiffer to help clean them. I haven’t tired these reusable ones yet but I’ve heard great things about them.

Eco Green Pads – Etsy

How else are you eco-friendly in the kitchen? Let me know what I’m missing from the list!

❤ Brandie
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