Moving Nightmares

I know I’ve been quiet around here this month but we’ve been in the midst of a huge move across town. We started moving on the 15th of February and are just now getting the last odds and ends out of the old apartment. You never really understand how much stuff you have until you have to move it. Needless to say, we will be downsizing! After the ordeal we’ve had I can offer a few tips and tricks to hopefully help you in your move!

1. Hire Movers

Every time we move I say next time I’m going to hire someone, then next time comes around and I cheap out and decide to do it myself again. This is the worst idea ever, it’s never actually cheaper! Do your research, look on sites like Groupon for deals on moving companies. After you add up the gas you’ve spent going back and forth in your own vehicle, or the cost and time of the rented vehicle it’s just not worth it. If you are planning to move, plan to pay movers, it will be worth it. Start reading Yelp reviews, and looking for great deals as soon as you know you’re going to be moving, it will pay off in the end and your back will thank you. We ended up renting a Uhaul truck, and as you probably have seen they love to advertise the shiny and attracting “Starting at $19.99” but that isn’t true, I mean it is while you are still in the parking lot, but once you leave the lot the meter is ticking. We used 35 miles as we moved from one side of town to the other, and it ended up being $65 when said and done plus gas. We also probably took in the range of 10 – 20 trips back and forth with our car, so when you calculate all the gas we spent, it would have been more cost effective to high movers with their giant trucks! Next time I swear we will!

2. Pack Properly

This is another one that I often find myself forgetting I told myself to do next time. I start off in a good place, putting items from the same room in the same box, labeling, etc but end up throwing my hands up and just tossing stuff into boxes because I didn’t start packing early enough to give myself time to do it properly. Then once at the new place i’m having to dig through every box to find one thing, or it takes forever to sort it all out. If you are doing a planned move, take the time to pack properly. Search craigslist for boxes, get a good sharpie and go to work. Make sure each box is clearly labeled and only has items from the same area of the house it. This will also help for the movers, when you are unloading at the new house put signs up on the doors that match the labels, easy to get each box to it’s proper place. Right now our house looks like a bad episode of hoarders because we didn’t pack properly.

3. Meal Planning

Even if this isn’t something you do on a regular basis (which you should because it can save you a ton of time and money!!) it is always a major annoyance when moving. If you take the time out to plan meals for the week leading up to the move and the two weeks after the move you will be so thankful once the time comes! Instead of costly take out bills whip up some crock pot dinners, freeze them and pop one in every morning! They move perfectly because they are frozen and it’s an easy clean up! Seriously the best kept secret of crock pot fanatics! Even if you don’t go the crock pot route having a plan is a life saver. No need to worry about what’s for dinner after a full day of moving and unpacking just look at the list. Don’t forget about breakfast and lunch too, those are often forgotten but with all that’s ahead of you in your move, you’ll need your energy! I had a kitchen box packed and moved in the first trip this time around, it had the coffee box and accessories, meals for two nights, and dishes for one meal so we could wash and reuse!

4. Unpacking

Obviously if you packed properly you won’t be faced with the unpacking nightmare we are! I have taken the approach to start from the smallest rooms to the biggest. So here is the order:

1. Bathrooms

2. Closets

3. Kids Rooms

4. Kitchen

5. Living Room

6. Master Bedroom

I found that unpacking the kids room in the beginning helps with the rest of unpacking because if they have all their stuff available they can stay busy while you unpack everything else! Also it’s important to schedule breaks, don’t let all the boxes overwhelm you. Just section it out and tackle one area at a time. We also start a list on the fridge of items we need to organize with, like drawer organizers or soap dispensers, so the next time we run to the store we don’t have to remember all the things we needed and we can purchase them as slowly or fast as we need to.

While unpacking I start using the empty boxes for a Garage Sale pile if I didn’t do this while packing, being that we moved from an apartment to a house it was easier to save the Garage Sale until we were in the house and could do it right with enough space. I’m excited with how much stuff we are getting rid of!

5. Decorating

I always save this one for last because it’s my favorite so it pushes me through the unpacking phase faster lol Have to have motivators!

Congratulations you’ve successfully moved! 

It is the best feeling ever to be unpacked and fully moved in! Not that we are any where near that yet, but one day soon we’ll get to bask in that feeling.

Tell me about your moves! Any horror stories out there?


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