You’re Invited to a Totally Awesome Bachelorette Weekend!


When my best friend became engaged her sister and I set out to throw her a party she wouldn’t soon forget. She of course has a few stipulations but left it open for us to plan!

She LOVES the 80’s and beach, so she wanted the us to do the Bachelorette party with that theme. Easy enough right? Actually with pinterest at our finger tips this was a fun party to plan! I will lay it all out for you, from the games we played to the decor! So pull out your neons because we’re taking it back to 1985!

I designed the invitation, while discovering a plethora  of chalkboard fonts I never knew existed! I am for sure a font-o-holic!


  • We printed out the welcome sign and colored it in with highlighters!
  • Those are real cassette tapes painted in neon colors!
  • 80’s themed party decor from a pack you’d buy at a party store was placed throughout the condo.

  • Each girl received a goodie bag filled with awesomeness!
    • The bag itself is a wet swim suit bag
    • Mini Alcohols of course
    • 80’s sunglasses
    • Nail kits
    • Nail polish
    • Beach floating Can holder
    • Cup with their name
    • Shot glass with their name
    • Glow sticks galore
    • Themed Shirt
    • Neon bracelets

  • The Bride to Be received some extra goodies!
    • Cup for the beach
    • Bride to Be sunglasses
    • Wonder Woman notebook (wedding was superhero/beach themed)

  • The bathroom had a Weekend Survival Bucket
    • Barf Bag
    • Wet Ones
    • Bandaids
    • Hair Clips
    • First Aid Kit
    • Sun Screen
    • Aloe Vera Lotion
    • Mouth Wash
    • 5 Hour Energy
    • Airbourne
    • Tylonol
    • Kleenex
    • Bobby Pins
    • Tums

  • The Bride to Be bathroom had one as well, with some extras
    • Makeup bag with goodies
    • Mini Alcohol bottles
    • Sunglasses
    • Socks
    • Favorite soaps

  • I created a Denim Jacket for the big night out! Lucky for her it was super chilly once the sun started going down so it came in handy!

  • The Wedding colors were Turquoise and Lime Green so we carried that over the the party!
  • I printed our speech bubbles with 80’s phrases, and brought a purple frame so we could do snap shots!

  • Our cupcakes were AMAZING even though they look 2 year old style decoration LOL

Fun and Games!

Upon entering the party each of the girls was asked to sign a few ground rules. We’ve all been to that party where someone gets out of hand, or someone sits on their phone the whole night. So we wanted to set some expectations, and insure that very little could ruin our awesome weekend. Plus when people in your group have a career and such they don’t always appreciate the really fun photos being posted. It’s great to remind everyone from the start that just because you’re ok with it, doesn’t always mean everyone else is.

**Bachelorette Weekend Pledge**

I printed and brought all the rules with me so at each point we wanted to play a game they weren’t waiting for me to remember/explain the rules, or have to find them any where. Our entire weekend was a point game from the moment you wanted in the door. So I also brought a small notebook so i could carry it with us and log point deductions or additions as needed. Then before we left on Sunday we tallied all the points and we had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. Feel free to use any of these pdfs for your own party. They will be the **links**:)

**Cootie Catchers**

In their goodie bags everyone received a cootie catcher, we had at least one on us all weekend in case someone said the word of the day. For some of the catchers I just wrote “Truth” “Dare” and some i wrote out dares and questions. Each catcher had a freebie square where they just had to switch catchers or not have to lose/gain points.

**These Panties Are So Me!**

We had a few girls that hadn’t met other girls so I made sure to include some ice breaker type games as a way to get to know each other. We ended up playing these on the beach Saturday while we were soaking up the sun.

**Big Night Show and Tell**

**Scavenger Hunt**


There were specific things the Bride wanted as keepsakes so we made sure they happened, what worked best for us was having a group pinterest board so the bride could go pin crazy but not know what we choice to do during the weekend until we all got there.

**Advice for the BIG night!**


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